Warhammer: The ‘Noob Project’ Introduction

While this looks cool, it will probably take 4 hours to finish a single turn.

Tabletop gaming. It definitely isn’t the first thing to come to mind when you think of games these days. Back in the days of old, the 70s as we younger folk know it, Dungeons and Dragons [D&D] emerged forging the nerd stereotypes we use so fondly today. Many games spawned from this, which brings us to the topic at hand.

Warhammer used to be fairly niche. People may know it now mostly from Spacemarine [Relic/THQ], the 2011 game release allowing people to play as the heroes and jocks of the 40k universe. Others may remember Fire Warrior [Kuju Entertainment/THQ], a 2003 release featuring the newest army at the time, the Tau. Reception for both of these games varied but allowed people who were interested in the tabletop game to see the universe in a different light. The best way to get an understanding of the game without going into the tabletop side of the universe was through the real time strategy games Dawn of War I & II [Relic/THQ] fielding expansive armies and moving them without having to roll dice a thousand times.

However you got interested in Warhammer, playing the game with the real dice is a real pain. To be perfectly honest, I started my days with the space universe under Warhammer 40k. My army consisted of a hodge-podge, rag-tag team of Imperial Guard with paintjobs that looked like they ran blindly through an exploding paint factory. Not to mention the strange contingent of Space Marines dubiously attached to them just to add some firepower, illegally of course. Unfortunately the games that I did end up playing involved house rules and strange tactics and movements I had assumed were part of the game. [Aerial Bombardments from Orks in every single turn come to mind as suspicious tactics].

Don’t expect crash hot amazing paint jobs like these.

So, here we stand possibly 7 years later with renewed interest in the game. I had no real inclination to start with 40k all over again and I have always been drawn to the fantasy side.  So thus begins our noob journey into the land of fantasy. “Khaoz”, another author on this website and I will start new fantasy armies walking you through all the strange pitfalls that noobs can possibly fall into unknowingly. We will suss all the rules and showcase our abysmal paint jobs. Our plan is to initially choose an army, state why we’ve chosen this army, and start with a simple budget where each month we are required to buy at least one unit and have them completed by the next month [painted and all]. Perhaps we may play an early skirmish with each. We’ll see how the months go.

Happy gaming!

All Images belong the Warhammer Franchise and and copyrighted to Games Workshop.


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