Thoughts – Halo 4

I’m a complete nutcase when it comes to the halo franchise , I was about 9 years old when my older cousin invited me to play Halo: Combat Evolved co-op with Lemon Russ and from then I never looked back, everything about Halo just compelled me, as the years went by and the sequels came out, I was always there to spend more chunks of my life journeying with the Master Chief and saving the human race. Yes Halo will always have a special place in my heart *sniffs*.

I personally felt that the series ended at the end of Halo 3 and why shouldn’t it have ? Apart from the Legendary ending (spoiler alert) of the Chief and Cortana in space drifting towards an unknown planet , the ends were pretty much tied , the covenant was gone and the human race was just left to rebuild and forget. Even the three games after Halo 3 titled Halo 3: ODST ,Halo: Reach and Halo Warswere just prequels and spin offs. But now that all changed when 343 Industries announced that Halo 4 will soon be hitting our shelves, they’ve been pretty quiet about this until their announcement last 2011 and everyone’s been flipping tables not knowing how to think about it.

The trailer didn’t give us much to work with and if you haven’t already seen it then a link will be below, All we see is the Chief being woken up from cryo sleep by Cortana because the ship is crashing into orbit only to be sucked into what appears to be a Covenant supercarrier. I guess that rules out the assumption that the Covenant was no longer a threat.

Another trailer was also released which kinda showed up a behind the scenes of what to expect in the new game, it showed chunks of the multiplayer which introduces the new Spartan IV class which looks like a hybrid between Halo and Crysis or maybe I was the only one who noticed *raises eyebrow*

Either way , As much as I love Halo I can’t help but feel that the series should have ended with Reach , everything was tied up and the let’s face it , we all know what happened with Star Wars so let’s not even go there. With all the changes from the studio to the gameplay I don’t think that I’ll get the same feel that I did over a decade ago.

Happy times wasting gamers.


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