Thoughts – Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty is one of the most recognized franchises not only in the gaming world but the world in general, ask someone down the street who knows nothing about video games to actually name a video game that they can think of and Call of Duty will most likely spring to mind and I mean the past three games alone have smashed the record sales with all games making over 600 million Dollars in the first 5 days of its initial release. Its no wonder that this franchise has rewritten the direction of video games forever.

Its fast paced trigger happy gameplay has won the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere and as an Ex CoD fanboy myself I will admit that I have spend a large portion of my High School years tearing away at enemies with my MP5 on Shipment or Storming the Reigstag with Alexei Voronin, but that’s where the problem lies now. That’s the Call of Duty that I remember, from Infinity Wards’ first masterpiece in 2002 titled Call of Duty to its last ‘good’ game in 2009 titled ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ (or just MW2 for short), Call of Duty has abandoned it roots of its ‘ordinary soldier’ perspective and turned into an orgasm of explosions and stupid twists of stupidity.

But now Treyarch have revealed their newest addition to the slowly dying franchise, ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’. This game will be the ninth major title release (not including the handhelds and spin-offs). Yes you heard right , This will be the NINTH title. These guys are definitely taking it to the bank but enough of that lets talk about why we started this abomination of a topic.

Black Ops II, In my opinion looks like a pile of Garbage. If you haven’t already seen the trailer there will be a link below but seriously, they chose to go for a futuristic (sort of Terminator) style unlike its predecessor which took place during the Cold War (the game was just terrible). In the trailer we saw everything that a standard Call of Duty reveal trailer had to offer : A garbage setting/story plot which you an probably guess that there will be a twist somewhere there , giant explosions, some fancy flying technology bullshit which I think would be their major selling point would be but I for one am really not impressed (Unlike some of the other members of the WTG team). But people are still hyped over this predicting that it will be totally different from its other abominations. So I as a concerned Journalist did a bit of snooping and here’s what I found (nothing is confirmed yet)

1) There will be two modes in the storyline , One being its same linear based level system and the other will be an open style sandbox- I don’t know how to feel about this, In one hand this could really take off and make the story really unpredictable and cool, the sandbox part in the game will result in choices being made which will ultimately affect the linear storyline which will make it not so linear after all, or it could just suck and Call of Duty will have another fail of a game.

2) Zombies is being given a massive upgrade- I saw this and was a little bit skeptical , zombies was really Treyarch’s main difference between their games and the rest of the series, but yes zombies will be given a mad steroid injection with the ability to have double of everything (up to 8 players and a shitload more zombies) and new game modes will be added one being a 4v4 zombie game mode which in my interpretation will have two teams of 4 trying to kill each other while being chased around by a horde of zombies? like I said before I don’t know how to feel about this, it could go really well because I like the idea of teamwork and competition being put into one or it could just be really really terrible.

3) Horses ? – Ok I saw this in the trailer and really just went what the fuck? like honestly why was this even a concept ? what were Treyarch thinking when they decided to incorporate horses? Its suppose to be a futuristic setting but I guess with the trailer looking like a Terminator ripoff I guess it would be interesting, and besides how cool would it be to ride on a horse and blast people away as a killstreak? It be mad fun.

With all that being said I think its down to the gamer, about 99% of the feedback was just people shunning the game and expecting it to be complete garbage like yours truly but there is still hopefuls that reckon the game will be the a step in the right direction.

Happy times wasting gamers.


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